Review Policy

Hello! Thanks so much for taking interest in my blog! If you are a publisher or author and have a book you would like me to review, please email me at:

What I'm Interested In
I'm fifteen years old, so I'm interested more in the YA market. Anything from dystopian to contemporary, I'm a fan of!

How I Will Review/Promote Your Book
I will review your book on a 5-star scale rating. I will include all of my thoughts and be honest about how I feel towards your novel. I talk about things such as the writing style, characters, plot, pacing, etc., in my reviews.

I can also promote your novel on my YouTube channel. I will make a review of your book in video form (as well as blog form) to my subscribers. I can also promote your book by getting my local library involved with your book.

When Will I Review Your Book?
When I receive books for review, they go on my "must-read-soon" list. I usually read the books I receive for review very soon after I receive it.

I hope that helps! Again, thanks for taking a look!

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