Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nothing Special Blog Tour: Geoff Herbach Interview!

Today, I have Geoff Herbach on BookYAReview, talking about "Senior Superlative"! 

The weirdest thing happened on the way to writing a blog post about what I was like in high school and what I wanted out of life: nothing!  (Sort of.) 
If you’d asked me my senior year – way back in the days of Lionel Richie and young Madonna – “Herbach. What will you be?” I would’ve taken a long sip of my chocolate milk and said, “Probably an English professor and a writer of some kind.”  That’s what I figured I’d do.
Sure, I also wanted to watch TV, break dance, and play professional football.  But, I knew, from having not been paid to watch TV that TV watching wasn’t a viable career.  I’d had a terrible dancing accident that left me unsure of my qualifications for break dancing fame (spun off a stage).  I also knew, from having played against some very good high school football players, that I didn’t like getting my head smashed really hard (and figured pros would probably smash my head harder, even).  I was left with my love for books and for writing funny stuff.
In college, though, I forgot after a while.  Writing didn’t seem practical.  I was also extremely social – wildly, inappropriately social (not gross inappropriate, just inappropriate because all my time was absorbed in messing around with friends instead of studying).  I finally figured out (inappropriately) that I should be more practical, should do something that would earn money.  
It took me about ten years eating from candy dishes in cubicles for me to remember my high school self.  I tried break dancing first, but it hurt too much.  Then I started writing again.  And so, here I am, doing what I thought I would.
Thank God.  Seriously.

Thank you Geoff for that awesome post!

Be sure to pick up Geoff's newest novel, NOTHING SPECIAL! 

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  1. Nothing special looks great, I will take a closer look at it soon. and what an inspirational guest post!



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