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Brad About Books: Horde by Ann Aguirre

Read from May 17 to 18, 2013
Expected Publication Date: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends (Macmillan)
Format: ARC
Page Count: 432 pages
Source: Publisher in exchange for an honest review
Series: Razorland, #3

This review is entirely spoiler free, even if you haven't started this series.

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The horde is coming.

Horde is an epic and highly satisfying conclusion to one of the best, well-done post-apocalytpic series out there. Brutal, addictive, and wholly original, Horde is a fantastic finale that will have readers hanging on tightly for this wild ride to never end. 

I already knew that this series is filled with tension, scandal, betrayal, and all that fun stuff, but Horde takes the circumstances to a whole new level. As the Freaks grow rapidly, Deuce must stand strong with her army against this harsh wasteland. The best - and I do mean, best - part about the Razorland trilogy is Deuce, simply put. Her character development, her kick-butt ways, her defense for the ones she loves, everything that Deuce is and stands for is phenomenal. Ann Aguirre has done a tremendous and fantastic job with developing Deuce from the moment we first see her as a Brat to becoming a hero for this crumbling world. If you love a strong, fierce protagonist to fall in love with, Deuce is the way to go.

I just have to talk about the world-building in Horde. We have got to see so many sides of this world, but it all comes down to this final moment in this electrifying conclusion. The tables have turned, and Deuce is on the run to save herself from the massive horde. Getting to see even more of this Freak filled world was great, and I loved how Aguirre managed to build even more layers upon the world in each novel. Also what's great? Each novel is better than its predecessor. The characters and world evolve more, the writing becomes more lush and brutal, and everything about these books are great. Needing a book to emerge yourself in and never want to be taken out of the world? The Razorland trilogy is fantastic in every way possible.

Though I was so sad to let this series go, I couldn't have asked for a better ending. All the loose ends (and I'm talking questions that were raised back in book one and never brought up again) were tied up so nicely, and this ending was highly satisfying. Aguirre did a brilliant job with tying everything together in Horde; if you couldn't have guessed, I loved Horde so much. Definitely the best of the trilogy!

Overall, Horde is a phenomenal, masterfully done finale that will have readers chomping at the bits, zooming through pages as fast as they can. Ann Aguirre has done it again!

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  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this one! I can't wait to see how everything ends :)
    Great review!

    Christy @ Christy's Book Addiction


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