Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Review: Dreaming Awake - Gwen Hayes

Published: January 3, 2012
Publisher: NAL Trade
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 336 Pages
Series: Second book in the Falling Under series

She fell for him in a nighttime world. But the time for dreaming is past—and the here-and-now can be just as fragile their love… 

When Theia Alderson first encountered a mysterious, handsome boy in her dreams, she never imagined how finding Haden Black—and falling in love—could change her life. To save Haden, Theia sacrificed everything. And the dangerous bargain she made could have lasting repercussions. 

Now Theia has returned to Serendipity Falls, and she finds herself struggling with the same deadly hungers that have tortured Haden. When students at their high school fall prey to a mysterious illness, Theia can’t help but wonder if Haden’s control is slipping—and how much longer she’ll have a grip on her own. 

And still the nightmare realm of Under won’t let them go. Someone from Haden’s past is determined to destroy Theia from the inside out, starting with those closest to her, forcing Theia to choose between family and friends and a love that may have been doomed from the start…

"Gwen Hayes' sophomore novel did not disappoint and is sure to be one of the hottest books of 2012."

Gwen Hayes is a very talented writer. I read Falling Under last year in 2011, and I absolutely loved it. But with Dreaming Awake, I just adore this series even more.

First, the writing style. Beautiful. The way that she has crafted this world and the way she sees things just blows my mind. I hope to return to Serendipity Falls soon! The entire concept of Dreaming Awake with all of the nightmare realm of Under to the mysterious stranger wanting to destroy Theia is just amazing to read about. This series is sure to be a hot new trend.

The characters in DREAMING AWAKE are some of my favorite characters in the YA genre. To me, they're very believable. I can feel the raw emotions that they feel, and I'm always pleasantly surprised when it happens. Theia faces more challenges in this novel, and I was grateful to see Gwen Hayes add that to this wonderful story.

Next, the pacing. THE. PACING. It's non-stop with vivid descriptions and actions and it literally kept me up all night to see what in the world was going to happen to Theia and Haden. Then when the illness came, I was like: OH, HECK YEAH. The story took off even more from there. I was glad to see that the realm of the Under was introduced back into the story (even though I knew it would be). 

Finally, the covers. The covers represent the books so well for me, and just look at them! They're unbelievable! 

Gwen Hayes' Dreaming Awake is a novel not to be passed up in 2012. I cannot wait for the third novel!

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  1. Amazing review!
    Now, I really want to read the book. xD
    Oh, and I totally agree with you on the cover being gorgeous. ;)
    Remy xx

  2. I like to read but often lose interest or daydream if the book is to long. This book, I couldn't put down. I know I might be to old for "teen books" but the love, the issues, the mystery, the magic, it keeps me involved.
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