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Brad About Books: Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter

Read on June 20, 2013
Expected Publication Date: September 24, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Format: ARC
Page Count: 480 pages
Source: Publisher in exchange for an honest review
Series: White Rabbit Chronicles, #2

This review is entirely spoiler free, even if you haven't read book one, Alice in Zombieland.

Gena Showalter nailed it with this sequel! Not only was Through the Zombie Glass even better than its predecessor, it blew it out of the water! Woah. This book was awesome.

I absolutely love the way Showalter bends the classical and timeless Alice in Wonderland and makes it her own. While the series isn't a direct re-telling (it doesn't always follow the essential plot of AiW), it has the lyrical and epic twist on it that draws the reader in and never lets them go. Who doesn't love a good zombie story now and then? The White Rabbit Chronicles has rapidly become one of my favorite paranormal series. With a tough and awesome heroine, vicious zombies that can't be controlled, and just the right amount of romance, Through the Zombie Glass is phenomenal!

Such a clever plot twist, Gena Showalter! I didn't expect the turns and twist that this novel took, and page after page, something continued to shock me and made me read even further on into the book. I couldn't control myself from flying through these pages! The zombies in this book aren't your typical zombies, which I absolutely loved. Through the Zombie Glass veers away from the norm of supernatural creatures and molds it into its own vivid, awesome creation. I applaud Showalter for that - it's stunning, unique, and all-around epic. Also, the stakes are so much higher in Through the Zombie Glass. There were times that I was on the edge of my seat and had my stomach in my throat, just because Showalter masterfully weaved together a high suspense that left me hanging and consumed me whole. I still think about this book to this day. That dreaded "Sequel Syndrome"? Totally passed right over this series's head! So good!

Two letters: ZA. OH MY GOSH YES.

Endings are very important to me with a book - I love a fast-paced, thrilling ending that will make the story complete. And I totally got that from Through the Zombie Glass. While I did enjoy Alice in Zombieland, I definitely could have used some more action and zombie-goodness in it. However, Through the Zombie Glass absolutely made up for it. The scenes are quick, and you feel like you're on the battlefield with Alice and Cole. Such a fantastic sequel! Even better than book one!

Overall, Through the Zombie Glass is a brilliant and daring sequel - and I loved every moment of it. Sure to be a mega hit!

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