Wednesday, July 17, 2013

#YeahYA Nashville Author Stop RECAP!

This past Monday, July 15, I was in Nashville for the Harlequin Teen #YeahYA Author Fest! And it was so. much. FUN! I had an absolute blast! With me was my mom and best friend, and we had so much fun at the event. Since I was the blogger for the tour stop, I had the chance to interview the authors and take notes! (Scroll to the bottom to see the interview!) 

When the event actually began, everyone was so excited!

The front of the crowd

Everyone was dying to ask a question!
Karen Ann Hopkins talking about living in an Amish community

The Q&A was tons and tons of fun!

  • Julie Kagawa never intended on writing a vampire novel - it just happened.
  • Aimee Carter has always loved Greek mythology - even when she was just a little kid - and decided to write a Greek re-telling, but put a twist on it.
  • Karen Ann Hopkins decided to write an Amish story after working with Amish and non-Amish kids on her horse ranch in her community.
  • All of the authors' advice to aspiring writers is to keep trying, even after rejection. We all started in the same place. Learn to take criticism. Also, if you can write about things you know/experienced, it will bring more realism and depth to it.

After the Q&A was done, everyone lined up to get books signed!

This line wrapped around toward the back of the building!

While in line, I finally got to meet one of my Twitter friends, Kayla, in person! She's so awesome!

Yay for bookish people meeting in person! 

AND I got to meet in person one of my blogger best friends, Jessica @ Lovin Los Libros

So happy we got to finally meet in person!!

And when I got my books signed, I was able to sit down with the authors and ask questions!

(left to right) Julie Kagawa, Aimee Carter, Karen Ann Hopkins


A huge thanks to Harlequin Teen and the authors! This experience has been AMAZING!

(left to right) Julie Kagawa, me, Aimee Carter, and Karen Ann Hopkins!

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