Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book Review: Vesper by Jeff Sampson

Published: January 25, 2011
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 288 pages
Series: Deviants, Book One

Emily Webb is a geek. And she’s happy that way. Content hiding under hoodies and curling up to watch old horror flicks, she’s never been the kind of girl who sneaks out for midnight parties. And she’s definitely not the kind of girl who starts fights or flirts with other girls’ boyfriends. Until one night Emily finds herself doing exactly that . . . the same night one of her classmates—also named Emily—is found mysteriously murdered. 

The thing is, Emily doesn’t know why she’s doing any of this. By day, she’s the same old boring Emily, but by night, she turns into a thrill seeker. With every nightfall, Emily gets wilder until it’s no longer just her personality that changes. Her body can do things it never could before: Emily is now strong, fast, and utterly fearless. And soon Emily realizes that she’s not just coming out of her shell . . . there’s something much bigger going on. Is she bewitched by the soul of the other, murdered Emily? Or is Emily Webb becoming something else entirely— something not human? 

As Emily hunts for answers, she finds out that she’s not the only one this is happening to—some of her classmates are changing as well. Who is turning these teens into monsters—and how many people will they kill to get what they want?

I've heard great reviews for Vesper from bloggers who I trust on book reviews, so I needed to check this one out. What I got from this book was a very surprising and utterly awesome book!

The characters in Vesper were awesome. I loved both sides of Emily: daytime and nighttime. In daytime, she's a nerd who always has her head buried in a book or watching DVDs. But by night, she's a fearless and brave person who can do anything she wants -- she's invincible. I also really liked Emily's stepsister: she's funny and she always watches out for Emily when she most needs it. 

The writing in Vesper was the best part of this book. Jeff Sampson's literature voice was absolutely brilliant and stunning. He wrote the book in such a way and manner that really got me into the story and kept me flipping pages way past midnight while I was reading it. Jeff Sampson is a fresh, new voice in the YA world.

Also, another part that I loved in this book was the interviews scattered throughout the novel. It's written as how somebody would write it down if they were listening it for the first time on a tape-recorder. That was just another unique part of this book.

Overall, Vesper was a great book that has an incredible author narrating the story with other great twists incorporated throughout the book like a fearless protagonist and interesting interviews. I can't wait to read the sequel!

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  1. I've been trying to decide if I should get this book or not- now I probably will! The whole interview thing sounds very cool. Fabulous review!


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