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Hunger by Michael Grant

Published: May 26, 2009
Publisher: Harper Teen
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 590 pages
Series: Gone, #2

It's been three months since everyone under the age of fifteen became trapped in the bubble known as the FAYZ. 

Three months since all the adults disappeared. Gone. 

Food ran out weeks ago. Everyone is starving, but no one wants to figure out a solution. And each day, more and more kids are evolving, developing supernatural abilities that set them apart from the kids without powers. Tension rises and chaos is descending upon the town. It's the normal kids against the mutants. Each kid is out for himself, and even the good ones turn murderous. 

But a larger problem looms. The Darkness, a sinister creature that has lived buried deep in the hills, begins calling to some of the teens in the FAYZ. Calling to them, guiding them, manipulating them. 

The Darkness has awakened. And it is hungry.

HUNGER is electric and magnificent. Michael Grant did another fantastic job, and I thought that this book was even better than its predecessor!
The imagination Michael Grant possess is just incredible. The FAYZ is dark and twisted, but the kids living inside this enormous dome are determined to survive. Grant has created realistic characters that have to deal with frightening problems.
As if the title doesn’t give it away, hunger is now threatening Perdido Beach. I couldn’t help myself but keep turning pages into the early hours of the morning. HUNGER kept me on the edge of my seat and my fingers crossed that nothing bad would come of some of the characters. But with Michael Grant, you never know what will happen next.
And I liked HUNGER so much more than GONE! If you haven’t seen my review of GONE, I stated that the ending was too cliche, and I was totally let down from the ending. That’s not the case with this book. Everything was paced perfectly, and the characters grow and mature so much in this book.
Also, the zekes in this book are so creepy. It’s not a spoiler, but lots of mutations are now coming into the FAYZ, and the zekes creep and frighten me the most. The way that Michael Grant describes them makes me shiver!
Overall, HUNGER was a great sequel, and I can’t recommend this series enough. Go pick these books up!


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  1. ohhhh! Can we be friends? Hahah. I'm so happy to finally found someone who love this series too! I've been talking about this book ever since I read it and some of my friends never even heard of it! Bah! Right now I'm reading the third book, Lies. Whooop! so excited!

    Aai Marsh @ Books With Marshmallows


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