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Brad About Books: 3rd Generation and Beyond by Danna Pycher {Blog Tour}

Published: January 20, 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Format: Ebook 
Page Count: 154 pages
Source: Blog Tour Stop

3rd Generation and Beyond is a book of powerful life philosophies according to a Third Generation Holocaust descendant. Each chapter gives a little more insight into how we, as individuals, can empower ourselves and the world around us. By this time, you would think we would have learned our lesson. By now, you would think humankind would have found a way to live together peacefully. For some reason that is not the case. 3rd Generation takes us on a journey through the perspective of a young woman who wants to know why we can't seem to find common ground. Her insightful life philosophies are all inspired by her view of the world as a Third Generation descendant of the Holocaust. Her grandparents experienced the worst of times, yet still held onto the belief that life can and should be beautiful. Their life lessons will help you discover how we can all create a better world. ... a treasure of inspiring, thoughtful life lessons interwoven with what Danna learned from her grandparents who were Holocaust survivors.

3rd Generation and Beyond is a heartbreaking, heartwarming read that left me shocked and stunned. Emotionally brutal and wonderfully executed, 3rd Generation and Beyond shines.

I stepped out of my normal comfort zone when reading this book - I've never read a nonfiction book (crazy, right?), especially one about the Holocaust. And since I'm only a freshman in school, I haven't studied much about the Holocaust. What I learned from this book really opened my eyes. Pycher's description and way she told the story sent chills crawling across my skin and left me shocked. If you're looking for a tearjerker book, this book is the way to go!

I loved the inspiring part of the book - the part that tries to create a better world. I really appreciated that it was thrown into 3rd Generation and Beyond, and since the author's grandparents were actually Holocaust survivors, we get even more depth and insight into this terrifying and brutal time period. And I agree with loads of things in the book! "Her grandparents experienced the worst of times, yet still held onto the belief that like can and should be beautiful." Absolutely. 

Overall, 3rd Generation and Beyond wasn't a typical book that I would pick up, but I'm very happy that I did! 3rd Generation and Beyond stands out.

M Y   R A T I N G


  1. Brad,

    Thank you for your insightful review and for being part of the book tour! I appreciate it, and I know that Danna does too! You have a lot of insight for someone so young!

    Another great YA read that's Holocaust (but not with Jewish people, with Lithuanians) is Between Shades of Gray. It was amazing, and it's historical fiction, so it's closer to what your normally read. It's sad but inspirational, too. Just a suggestion in case the genre interests you!

    Thanks again, Brad!

    Rebecca @ Love at First Book

    1. Thank you for the blog tour! And oh my gosh, I LOVE Between Shades of Gray!! I know Ruta (she's fantastic), and I love her books! They're SO GOOD! ^_^

    2. I haven't read anything else by her, but Between Shades made me want to read EVERYTHING! You know her, like you've met her????

  2. I loved this book too! It was very inspiring. I can't wait for the rest of the tour :)

    Lovely review.

  3. I also liked the book very much because I loved the way Danna uses the perspective of her grandparets to be a better person.
    If hey have lived without complaining abut what happened to them, why can't we do it?

  4. Hi Brad,

    Thank you so much for your words. The audience I was aspiring for was and is people your age. I am so thrilled that you reacted the way you did, because that is what I was going for. I aspire to get it into the school systems one day as required reading.

    If you want to continue reading on the subject of the Holocaust, check out the book Night by Elie Wiesel. It's one of the best books out there that make you understand a little more what happened and he was also a young boy during the war.

    Keep doing what you are doing!


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