Sunday, May 19, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Teacher's Pest

Have I got a treat for you guys!

You all know how much I love Teacher's Pest by Charles Gilman right? Well, I want to spread the love with some of you... by giving away FIVE copies of Teacher's Pest! This is the third book in the series, but believe me, you do not want to miss this series (it's fantastic!). 

Enter to win one of five copies of Teacher's Pest! This contest is US/CAN only; sorry international peeps!

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  1. I once had a dream that I walked into school and everyone was a cardboard stand up person. I walked over to one of the cardboard people and touched that person. Once I touched that cardboard person they all collapsed. What an odd dream!
    -Scott Reads It

  2. The weirdest school experience I've every had was this one time when I was when it was one of those school spirit days and it was Gender Bender day. It was odd because sometimes it was honestly hard to distinguish if it was a boy or girl haha.
    -Brittany Storey

  3. In my programming class a couple weeks ago, we had a substitute teacher. She had the entire class introduce themselves -- in April, we already knew each other! She then proceeded to tell us her entire life story: why she decided to move to the state we currently live in, how she met her husband, her kids, what college she went to... We didn't start the work the teacher had assigned us until over forty-five minutes into the class (our classes are like an hour and forty minutes in total). Then, as we were completing our work, she gave us mini trivia quizzes periodically throughout the class. It was super strange!

  4. I must say, that I don't really remember any weird events at school. It could be because there weren't any, or because I'm too damn old to remember! I'm going with the former! :P

  5. for a school field trip we went to the zoo in 3rd grade i believe and a goat ate my lunch

  6. I fell in the mud trying to hurry and go to DQ for lunch down a ginat muddy slope. I was covered in mud from head to toe. I never tried to go to DQ at lunch again.


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