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Brad About Books: Substitute Creature by Charles Gilman

Read on May 23, 2013
Expected Publication Date: September 24, 2013
Publisher: Quirk
Format: ARC
Page Count: 176 pages
Source: Publisher in exchange for an honest review
Series: Tales from Lovecraft Middle School, #4

This review is entirely spoiler free, even if you haven't started this series.

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Substitute Creature is wicked fun! Dark, compelling, and a wild adventure, these books are unputdownable! Such an awesome series.

The Lovecraft Middle School series is one of my favorite MG series - it's got everything you could ever want in a creepy story. An epic trio of characters, sinister secrets lurking in the darkness, mutational animals, and something new and fresh in each book. And Substitute Creature did not disappoint by any means. With each book, I'm always shocked and creeped out by the new and perilous evil that Gilman throws into every book. Substitute Creature is such a creeptastic and epic novel! Who wouldn't be scared by a weird substitute teacher who may or may not be a monster? I love these books so much, and Substitute Creature was a fantastic continuation of the series.

I love going on adventures with Robert and the gang. Lovecraft Middle School is a quirky and odd place, and we get to explore darker realms of it in every novel - Substitute Creature definitely brought on the darkness! I wasn't expecting a lot of the events to actually happened, but I was so glad that Charles Gilman wasn't afraid to take risks in this fourth book. With a fourth book, things can get a little draggy with the story; that's not the case with this series. There's never a filler book, and each plot twist plays a vital and important role to the story. The perfect Halloween read!

Action, action, action! It was impossible to put Substitute Creature down. This was definitely the most fast-paced of the series, and I was shocked, frightening, and enchanted by the twists and turns thrown at the reader. The monsters terrified me, and the illustrations, as always, were an even more awesome addition to the story. (Seriously, some of these illustrations are super freaky!) Substitute Creature was an absolutely brilliant novel to this ever-epic series. I love this series to pieces!

Overall, Substitute Creature is a true gem in the middle grade genre. Fast-paced, horrifyingly marvelous, and one of a kind, this series is a must-read for all ages!

M Y    R A T I N G

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  1. I don't know how I haven't heard about this series. I love creepy stories and this one sounds just perfect. Great review!


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