Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Ten OCD Bookish Habits

It feels good to be doing a Top Ten Tuesday again! I haven't done one in a few weeks, and I've honestly missed it! If you don't know, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is a Rewind week, so the topic I chose to do is Top Ten OCD Bookish Habits, and gosh, I have a lot!

1) I prefer hardcovers. I'm actually not a perfectionist in real life, but when it comes to books, I'm the biggest perfectionist you will ever find. Hardcovers don't get destroyed as easy, and I've just always preferred reading them. And broken spines are nasty.

2) I have to count the pages from the start of a chapter to the next. I have actually gotten better at this and don't do it as much, but I like to know how many pages I have to read until the next chapter. Sometimes it's 5 pages, sometimes it's 50. I don't know why, but I like to know, BUT I have gotten better!

3) I rarely lend out books. I have lent out books to four people in my lifetime. One being my best friend, another a family member, and the last two are people from my school. The only person whom I've lent out a book to more than once is my best friend. I am so nervous about dog-earring, creased spines, or receiving the book ruined when it comes back to me. This is where my OCD kicks into. 

4) Me and cover changes don't go together. Like I said before, I am a hardcover lover and a book perfectionist. So when covers are changed, the new covers are rarely made into a hardcover dust jacket, and that makes me sad.

5) I have to use a bookmark. If I absolutely have to, I will use something else, but to be honest, I only like bookmarks to mark my spot in a book. I'm more likely to type down the page number I'm on in my Notes app then I am to use a piece of paper. Why? I have no idea.

Example for #6; source
6) I hate it when people bend back a book all the way. And when I say all the way, I mean to where you could lay the entire book flat down. It gives me chills. If somebody did this to one of my books, I honestly think I would freak out. Honestly.

7) Dog-earring. Need I say more? Again, if somebody did this to one of my books, I would tackle them like a spider monkey (do they tackle?). I seriously can't do it. That book would be forever ruined in my mind. And let's make this any type of ruining a book - creasing the spine, dog-earring, throwing it across the room, ANYTHING like that makes me so mad.

8) I can't write in books. I can't, and I won't. I would regret it if I ever did, and just... nope. Not for me.

9) I have to be near a book I just recently got. This one sounds super odd, but when I get a new book, I'm usually always near it for a couple of days. I'll just pick it up, look at it, set it back down, and then go back to whatever I was doing. Super strange.

10) I always have to be reading! I can't stand it if I'm not reading something - I love having something to read at all times!

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  1. you sound pretty normal for a book lover.

  2. I love that you count the pages until the next chapter! Lol I tend to do that too, to see if I have time or feel like reading the next chapter. You KNOW a book is good when you forget to do this and the chapters just fly by!

    And number is normal, I think! It's like wanting to wear a brand new shirt as soon as you get it - you're excited because it's new and want to use it! But sometimes we have to wait b/c we're already reading a book, so you just have it nearby. Awesome.

    Fun list today! :-)

  3. I love this list! I count how many pages are left in a book, always use a bookmark, and I longingly stare at my new books.
    I prefer trade paperbacks, though. Hard covers are so heavy!

  4. Um, I think we should be friends! ;)

    Love your list.
    I hate dog earred pages. I really don't like it when people break the spine and bend the book.
    And I have a deep love for Hardcover books. And I don't lend out my books unless it's to very, very special people.


    Happy Tuesday. Wonderful list.

    New follower
    My TTT

  5. Such a fun post. I agree with most everything you said. I count the pages too!

  6. I prefer hardcovers as well. I think they look much nicer on the shelf. I also always count how long a chapter is before I start reading it. I never stop in the middle of a chapter, ever, so I like to know if I have time to read one more chapter or if I really do need to close the book and get back to work.

    Great list!


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